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Benefits of Using Less Mess Premium Compost!


April showers bring May flowers ...at least they're supposed to! Is your backyard oasis looking a bit drab after the long harsh winter? Don't let yard work turn into a full-time job this spring; Less Mess has you covered. If a lusher lawn, greener garden, or fuller flowerbed is what you're looking for, Less Mess Premium Compost is the solution to all your problems!

Here are 5 benefits to using Less Mess Premium Compost:

1. Inexpensive alternative to chemical fertilizers

No chemical fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are not only pricey, but can be harmful to the environment. Our compost is made of decomposed and partly decomposed organic matter, making it a much more natural and inexpensive way to protect your plants. 

2. Gradually releases nutrients into your garden

Good source of nutrients

We deliver only Grade A Premium Compost which is well decomposed, stable, weed-free, biologically dynamic and nutrient-rich. You can reduce your workload using our compost, as it gradually releases nutrients into your garden, sustaining your plants, and keeping them healthy with less effort!

3. Easier on plant roots


Less Mess Premium Compost is an excellent soil conditioner that improves overall soil structure and fertility. This creates an environment that is easier on plant roots, thus stimulating healthier plant growth!

4. Accelerates nutrient cycling


Our compost is made from aerobically decomposing organic matter such as leaves, yard trimmings, grass clippings, wood chips, paper fibre, and bark. Adding this nutrient-packed component to your soil accelerates the nutrient cycling necessary for your plants to flourish!

5. Improves water retention

Watering can

Finally, compost improves soil aeration, moisture retention, and water penetration; moderates temperatures, and promotes healthy microorganism and earthworm activity. Keep your plants hydrated and order your bag of Less Mess Premium Compost today!

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