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Creative Ways to Use River Stone in Your Yard!


At Less Mess, we see stones as more than just dead weight. They are durable, decorative and can do wonders for your garden, especially if you are big on landscaping or you have a pond or brook.  

Our river stones are almost as unique as snowflakes, but they last a lot longer. They come in different colours, sizes (between 2 to 6 inches), and are perfect for lining riverbeds, creating boarders around your garden or enhancing the overall beauty of your yard. These stones are quite versatile and can be used in ways you may have not considered. We’d like to offer you a little inspiration and have put together a list of 5 different ways people have incorporated river stones into their yards.


1. River Stone Planters

Stone Planter


Transform ordinary garden pots into texturized works of art.  Flip the pot upside down and, using a hot glue gun, secure river stones to the bottom of the pot and work your way up to the open end at the top. Once the glue is dry, introduce flowers to their new home. It might take a bit of time figuring out which rocks fit where, but it is well worth it.   

2. River Stone Trivets

Stone Trivet

If you have and use outdoor furniture, this is a great day project to try. Glue the stones to a relatively thick piece of circular or square corkboard (at least 3/8 of an inch thick) using epoxy glue. If you use a hot glue gun for this one and place a hot cup of tea or coffee on the trivet, the glue will melt. Let the epoxy glue dry and you’ve got beautiful little coasters. Feel free to paint the corkboard black or brown before you start gluing.   

3. Dry Stone River

Stone River

If you have empty spaces in your garden that you don’t want to fill with plants, try designing a stone river. This is ideal for downhill slopes because the stones will direct drainage through your property and keep mud and mess to a minimum. 

4. River Stone Boot Tray

Stone Boot Tray


Tired of getting your indoor mats dirty after a long day in the garden? Keep your gardening shoes or boots on their own tray. Use a heavy rubber boot tray as your foundation, and glue the stones down using a strong adhesive like Quick Grip. 

5. River Stone Animals 

Stone Turtle Stone Bird

Source                                                     Source                                                                                                                                                               

It’s not often that you have to opportunity to choose which creatures will live in your garden, but these stone animals are harmless and add extra charm to any garden. You can either paint the stones to make turtles, ladybugs and birds, or try making a mosaic if you’re feeling very ambitious. Be sure to use acrylic paint to achieve a glossy finish.

Have you done anything inventive with river stones? Send us a photo or tell us about it on our Facebook page