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DIY - How to make a garden box in your backyard!


Here are some simple steps from Less Mess to help you to build your own garden box for growing vegetables in your backyard. Having a garden box is not only for esthetic purposes, but it also helps contains the roots of your plants into one area.


  1. Determine the location – Most vegetable plants require maximum sunlight for optimal growth so be sure you choose a spot that receives direct sunlight. Once selected, you should mark the box area with 4 stakes in each corner in the ground. This will help when calculating the amount of materials needed for your project.

  2. Remove top layer of ground – to ensure you maximize the quality of growth of your vegetables, it is recommended to remove a few inches of the grounds top layer prior to putting down fresh soil. This is called waste material and will contain mostly weeds, grass and rocks that are not needed inside your garden box.

  3. Calculate the material – The best type of wood is pressure-treated as it comes with a coating that is moisture resistant. The best size of material for a garden box is 4” X 4” posts that come in either 8”, 10” or 12” length. The best approach would be to determine the length of box you want so that you can purchase the exact length you require and would not need to cut the wood. If you choose to build your garden box along a fence line (as shown in above image), it is a good idea to place some form of barrier or insulation against the fence so any soil or water does not soak through the wood.

  4. Placing the material – Using your 4 stakes as reference, place your wood pieces building a perimeter. Where 2 pieces join in each corner, your stake should be aligned (see image below). Using screws, attach the outer wood to the stakes. To further secure your box, you can use long nails and a hammer to nail down each corner and the center of each wood beam.

  5. Fill with soil – Go to the Less Mess website and use our soil calculator to determine the amount of soil you will need to purchase to fill your garden box. Based on the square footage it will determine the number of cubic yards you require. Next, place your order for soil with Less Mess either online or by calling 416-789-4749. Less Mess is the most convenient way to have soil delivered right to your door and avoids you having a mess to clean up on your driveway.

  6. Water – After filling up the garden box add some water to slightly way down the soil.

  7. Plant and enjoy – Finally, have fun selecting the vegetable plants you want to grow, plant them and enjoy fresh ingredients throughout the season!