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How 1 Man Transformed His Backyard with Less Mess!


After many years of mowing, watering, and weeding, Tonic Magazine Publisher and amateur landscaper, Jamie Bussin, said “no more.” A few years ago, instead of spending another season trying to keep his front lawn green and healthy, he decided to remove all of the grass and replace it with what he called a “zen garden of sorts.” Bussin was thrilled with the results, but he was not quite as thrilled when his wife asked him to make the same changes to their 2,000 square foot backyard.

The transformation was not an easy one, but Bussin was able to turn his somewhat wild backyard into one that is urban, attractive, and usable.


Before                                                                                                       After                                                              

After spending hours removing grass and roots, and coming up with a plan to incorporate the pre-existing concrete pavers that inhabited his backyard, Bussin was ready to start filling in gaps using rock and ground cover, and he knew Less Mess was the perfect candidate for this job.  

“After extensive research, I decided to go with Less Mess (perhaps, my best choice). It is extremely convenient. You can order online or by phone. Everything is delivered to your home. As I needed over sixteen cubic yards of ¾ gravel, pea gravel, river rock, limestone screening, soil, and mulch, delivery was an absolute necessity.”


You don’t have to have an outdoor project as large as this one to benefit from Less Mess. Noted Bussin,“[t]he rock/mulch/soil comes in reusable enviro bags that you can return for a deposit or have picked up, which are more ecological and infinitely more convenient than thick plastic bags. All the Less Mess products I used were top quality and in addition to their online calculator, their staff were extremely helpful in making sure that I purchased enough (but not too much) product. Without Less Mess, this project could not have been completed.” 

Photo Credit: Michele Crockett and Tonic Magazine

Today, Bussin is enjoying his new backyard, and he no longer has to worry about spending his weekends mowing the lawn.

Are you taking on any outdoor projects this summer? Look no further than Less Mess for all of your topsoil, mulch, compost, sand and stone needs. We deliver all over Boston and Chicago.