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How to Use Less Mess Sand!


Sand isn't just for the beach! Less Mess Sand is a pre-washed product that is free of all debris. This sand is ideal for sandboxes, horseshoe pits, interlock facelifts, and many other landscaping projects. Find out the best ways to put our sand to use!



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Fill your kids’ sandbox with Less Mess Sand this summer. Here are some tips to help keep it clean:

Cinnamon – this acts as a bug repellent and also has antiseptic properties! Sprinkle some cinnamon once a week and after rainstorms.

Baby powder – keep the sand where it should be. Baby powder makes sand fall off wet skin.

Keep the lid on – this helps to keep the pests out and sand in.

Refresh – with Less Mess, you get a cubic yard in each of our re-sealable bags so you will have enough sand to last you all summer!


Horseshoe Pit



Are you too old for a sandbox? Build yourself a horseshoe pit instead. Prepare the base of the pit by excavating the selected area down to the subsoil. Next, put down a layer of gravel and cover it with landscape fabric. Create the frame with 1x12 boards supported by 2x4 pressure-treated stakes pounded into the ground. Fill the space with sand. Sledgehammer the stake into place and begin your game!





Clean up the yard and add curb appeal by overhauling your interlock. Edge the perimeter of your driveway, walkway, etc. to clean up the lines. Clear away weeds manually or with machinery. Once clear, fill the joints with sand by brushing it evenly across the surface to prevent weeds from returning. Less Mess Sand has a large enough grain so no need to worry about it blowing away in light winds. With a little hard work and the help of our sand, you can save money and turn this into a DIY project instead of hiring professionals!


Fire Pit


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Complete your personal home oasis with a sandy fire pit. No matter where you live, you can make walking into your backyard feel like a trip to the beach. You can add sand to an existing fire pit, or create a new space with some bricks and a few chairs. Make sure to follow the sandbox maintenance tips listed above to keep the sand clean.

These are just some of the projects you can undertake this summer with Less Mess Sand. No matter what your gardening needs may be, Less Mess has you covered.