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The Benefits of Gardening with Less Mess Topsoil!


Whether you’ve already got two green thumbs or you’re planting a vegetable garden for the first time, Less Mess topsoil is one gardening aid you’ll want to have this year. Of all soil varieties, topsoil is the most fertile and is extremely beneficial for new plant growth. It is nutrient-dense because it takes a long time to form. Depending on the climate, it can take between 500 to 1,000 years to create just an inch of topsoil!

Less Mess topsoil is a nutrient-rich blend of soil that encourages healthy plant growth. We use a combination of decomposed organic materials, minerals, rocks, microorganisms, moisture and air to help give your lawn or garden a competitive advantage.

The growth rate, health and beauty of your plants are directly related to soil quality, and that’s why we only sell a custom Earthco blend. Best of all, Less Mess is delivered to you in pre-packed resealable bags so you can use as little or as much soil as you need and easily store the rest for future use.

Some major benefits of using Less Mess topsoil include:

-Having the ability to bring plants back from the dead. By simply spreading at least one inch of topsoil on nutrient-deficient soil and mixing it thoroughly, old flowerbeds can be revived.

-Kick-starting new gardens. Vegetables, flowers, and shrubs all need and love topsoil.  It gives them a healthy foundation to thrive in.

-Being the neighbour with the greenest lawn. Spread topsoil 3” to 4” inches over grass, seed it, and then moisten the surface. In order for grass to germinate, ensure you rake the seeds into your lawn. Don’t forget to water the grass frequently.

-Ultimately reducing soil erosion. Healthy topsoil retains nutrients to promote lush plant growth and solid root structures that in turn protect the topsoil by shielding it from wind and rain.

-Saving time. Because Less Mess delivers over one cubic yard of topsoil to you, you don’t have to make multiple trips to the nursery. And, we spare your car and driveway from soil spills.   

Make sure to check out our full product list to learn about our other premium gardening and landscaping resources. It’s time to experience the Less Mess advantage.