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The Importance of Mulch!


Mulch can be defined as any organic substance that is used as a top cover to soil that enhances the rooting environment for plants. Organic mulches come in many forms, colours, and textures.

As a by-product of wood waste, mulch is an environmental product. Bark mulch is made from the bark of a tree after it is stripped during processing at wood mills. The bark is saved and converted to mulch after being shredded, ground, and screened to the desired size.

Mulching offers many advantages:

1) Aesthetics: Mulch is attractive. Adding mulch to your garden texturizes your landscape and enhances your garden’s overall appearance. This fact alone accounts for much of the widespread popularity of mulch over the past few decades.

2) Insulation: Properly applied mulch aids in insulating soil and regulates soil temperatures. During the summer months, mulch absorbs UV rays and transforms them into less harmful “long-wave” rays. This results in reduced heat transfer through the soil. Alternatively, insulating your soil allows for overall warmer winter soil temperatures that result in less root loss due to freezing.

3) Weed control: Mulch is a great way to control weed growth, and acts as an excellent soil conditioner. A recent trend is to apply environmentally friendly iron oxide colourants to the mulch, which helps the colour keep its vibrancy for longer.

No matter how you plan on applying your mulch, there is no doubt that Less Mess premium mulch is a vital gardening resource. An assortment of bark mulch and wood mulch varieties are available, with cedar mulch, shredded pine mulch, black bark mulch, and bright red cedar mulch available for delivery.

It’s time your garden got the mulch it deserved. Order your bag of Less Mess mulch today.