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Use Less Mess Mulch in Your Garden All Year Long


Mulch is one of our most versatile products, and it’s always working to keep your garden beautiful. Less Mess Mulch is excellent for providing coverage around trees, shrubs and flower gardens, and it quickly and easily adds colour and texture to any void spaces in between plants. 

Most gardeners stock up on mulch during dry summer months because the wood by-product acts as a heat barrier and helps maintain the moisture level in soil and around plants. But did you know that mulch continues to nurture your garden during winter?

As mulch decomposes (it does so slowly once the temperature plummets), it adds valuable organic matter, nutrients, and healthy microbial activity to improve the overall performance of the underlying soil. This gives your garden a boost come springtime. Mulch also helps regulate the temperature of your garden. Plant roots and bulbs don’t go into shock during the cold winter months because mulch keeps them fairly cool during the summer, and a bit warmer when the snow falls. 

If you haven’t done so already, protect your garden over the winter by adding an eight-inch-thick layer of our Less Mess Mulch.

An assortment of bark mulch and wood mulch varieties are available, with Cedar Mulch, Black Bark Mulch and Bright Red Cedar Mulch ready for delivery.