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Vibrant Fall Gardens!


Who doesn’t love a beautiful autumn afternoon? The golden sun, crisp air, and colourful leaves magically transform your yard. You could spend all day in the garden and wish the sun didn’t set so soon. However, some autumn days are dull and grey, making the outdoors less inviting. But, just because the weather is dreary doesn’t mean your garden has to be. If you incorporate some of the following plants into your front or back yard, your garden will remain bright and colorful well into October.



Chrysanthemums are the go-to fall plants because they come in a variety of rich colors, and they don’t require much maintenance. Ensure that you are buying hardy mums from a nursery and not decorative ones (usually sold in grocery stores). 


Heuchera is a foliage plant that comes in a variety of eye-catching colors including purple, caramel and coral. Interestingly, most Heuchera foliage becomes brighter or transforms when temperatures cool.



Fall is the best time to plant pansies because the soil is still warm, giving their roots time to establish. You’ll get two seasons of enjoyment out of these cool-season favorites if you plant them in autumn. They come in a variety of colors, including yellow, deep red, rich violet, and more. 

Ornamental Grass

Hardy ornamental grass is a good source of fall color and it adds texture to your garden. Although it thrives in soil that isn’t overly rich, ornamental grass can tolerate drought. Two good cultivars to consider are ‘Cheyenne Sky’ and ‘Dust Devil’.

Sweet Autumn Clematis

Sweet autumn clematis is a fragrant fall bloomer that adds a unique splash of white to your garden. These petite flowers begin blooming in early September and continue into October. Clematis grows up to 20 inches high, so a little goes a long way. Place it near a fence or in a relatively bare area.