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Why Use Less Mess!


Having trouble deciding from where or how you’re going to get your gardening and landscaping products this year? Look no further! With Less Mess™ Enviro Bag, you can work on your projects without the worry of creating a mess! Our garden bags allow you to keep your materials – whether topsoil, mulch, compost, stone, or sand – safe and dry so you have more time to choose what kind of flowers or vegetables to plant! Keep reading to see why else you should use a Less Mess™ Enviro Bag for your gardening needs.

Less mess in your driveway

Nobody likes getting a truckload of soil, mulch, compost, stone, or sand dumped onto their driveway. Save the trouble of having to clean your driveway and being at risk of an unexpected rainstorm washing away your gardening product! In a convenient cubic yard bag, you can be assured your driveway will look good no matter how large your gardening project may be!

Simple to order

Less Mess™ Enviro Bags are so easy to order that even a 75-year-old who isn’t tech-savvy can order online (based on real customer feedback)! In 5 easy steps, enjoy hassle-free delivery. Simply visit LessMess.ca and follow these steps:

  1. Enter your postal code
  2. Choose your products
  3. Find out how many bags you need
  4. Select your delivery range
  5. Mark an “X” where you need the driver to deliver

Dropped where you want, when you need it

Before your delivery, simply mark an “X” on your driveway with tape, chalk, or anything else that’s visible where you’d like your Less Mess bag(s) placed.

Resealable bag

With our resealable duffel top, you can use just how much you need now and store the rest for later! This convenient feature gives you peace of mind knowing your product will remain dry no matter the weather outside!

Can be shared

Is one cubic yard too much for your yard? Order and share it with your neighbours! What better way to get to know your neighbours than with an outdoor gardening project?

Free Shipping

Why spend hours lugging dozens and dozens of bags of product from your garden centre to your car to your lawn when you can just order one big bag of soil with the click of a button? Better yet, it’s delivered to YOU for FREE! Less Mess™ is proud to offer free shipping on all products ordered across Canada.

Shop Local

In a time where small and local businesses are hurting, what better way to support local than by purchasing a Less Mess™ Enviro bag? We’ve partnered with local suppliers of our product to offer our customers the best and most local product. By shopping local, you can reduce your footprint and have fresh product that’s made specifically to thrive in your region!

Empty Bag

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We hear those words all the time, but do you really do anything about it? By ordering from Less Mess™, you can do your part in keeping our world a safer and cleaner place. After you’re done using your garden bag, your empty bag can be used for waste disposal! Simply fill your bag with household waste or yard waste and we will pick it up and safely dispose of the items for a fee. Visit LessMess.ca and enter your postal code for pricing and to see if waste pick-up is available near you! You can also reuse your empty bag for anything you’d like, or recycle it by returning it to Less Mess!

While most garden centers may be running out of soil and mulch this season, Less Mess most certainly is not! We have partners and sources to provide you the highest quality product no matter the time of year and regardless of industry shortages. This allows us to provide you, our customers, with the best sourced local product in your region. You can order your garden bag of Less Mess™ product at LessMess.ca for free delivery across all of Canada!