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Wondering Who Sells Firewood Near Me?


If you’re wondering where to buy firewood near me, then search no more! Less Mess™ Enviro Bag has firewood for sale.  Although we are known as your gardening experts and not a firewood company, our team is delighted to announce that we’re offering fireplace wood delivery! After over a decade of providing homeowners the convenience of bulk bags of soil, compost, mulch, stone and sand, fireplace wood for sale in a re-sealable bag was a natural extension for us.

By sourcing our firewood from the most reliable supplier in the Southern Ontario region, Less Mess™ Firewood is best suited for clean indoor and outdoor burning. You can use this firewood for wood burning, wood for fireplaces, backyard fire pits, wood for outdoor ovens, or store it at home and use the firewood as needed for camping trips!

This firewood has been dried and catches flame quickly, which is perfect for clean outdoor and indoor burning. For long-term storage, we recommend you stack the firewood in a dry area to ensure airflow. After your firewood delivery, you can even stack it on a firewood rack.

Less Mess™ Firewood is delivered in our clean, convenient, and easy to use, resealable 1 cubic yard bags, keeping your property clean and material dry. If you’re wondering ‘how much is a cord of firewood’, you’ll be happy to know that every cubic yard bag contains approximately 1/8 Bush Cord of firewood.

If you’re looking for the best firewood near me or wondering ‘where can I buy firewood?’ look no further than Less Mess! This product is currently only available in Boston and Chicago with other regions expected to be added in the future. If you’re looking to buy firewood in Boston or Chicago, or wondering where to buy firewood, call Less Mess today!

You can call us toll-free at 1-833-764-5224, or send us an email at orders@lessmessbag.com for more information!

Less Mess Firewood – Quick. Clean. Convenient.